20180710_115658Reliable Academic Services

Believers provide academic and behavioral skill development programs in a compassionate and structured classroom setting with a 1:5 ratio. Students who struggle with social emotional difficulties often experience chaos on a daily basis. This chaos impacts their ability to organize which impedes the ability to learn. Our academic services meet the standards set by the Ohio Department of Education and the No Child Left Behind Act. Programs are delivered to students in small, nurturing classroom settings with a ratio of 1 adult to 5 children. In order to cater to the unique needs of each student, we incorporate an interdisciplinary program that supports academic, entrepreneurial and behavioral development. Please contact us today for more information.

Academic & Behavioral Program

Our programs build on the individual strengths of each student, encouraging a sense of positive determination and confidence. Believers represents a critical opportunity to engage at-risk youth in rich, dynamic, and challenging activities that will encourage them to explore their talents, develop positive relationships with peers and adults, and build the skills necessary to become life-long learners and succeed in life.

Academics – Believers uses standards-based instruction that helps prepare students with special needs for state achievement tests.

Our standards based instructions are delivered to youth through the Plato Learning Systems. Plato instruction is self-paced, personalized and assists learners at all skill levels. The Plato program integrates a wide range of teaching strategies, including skills based, project based and interdisciplinary instruction with simulated experiments and explorations. The flexible self-paced educational program motivates students with graphics and content that are engaging and age appropriate that help build a non-threatening academic environment, which promotes learning.

Our teachers can easily monitor individual development and build reports using accurate electronic data. The electronic resources help complete and meet Individual Education Programs (IEP) as well as meet district wide criteria. Teachers can report on student progress as it connects to the Ohio Content Standards and share the information with districts and parents.

Life Skills – Believers helps youth acquire vital life-skills such as anger management, conflict resolution, substance abuse, self-esteem, time management, health, drop out prevention, positive decision making skills and job finding skills.

Therapeutic – Believers contracts with the Cleveland Christian home to provide school based counseling and behavioral intervention planning for youth. Additional individual psychological evaluations and family counseling and/or in-home services are offered.

Visit our day treatment program in Cleveland, Ohio, to observe the professional academic services we provide children who struggle with special needs and/or learning disabilities.

Entrepreneur Training

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